Sexy Asian Babe You Mi

you mi

Okay, I have to admit that this girl’s name is a bit of a joke, You Mi (aka You Me) is probably one of the weaker stage names I have run across, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this girl is rather hot and sexy! In fact, she is so hot that she isn’t appearing on some Asian site, rather she is on one of the world’s top babe sites, 1 By Day, which has all sorts of hotties on it. This sexy Asian girl can really hold up her own, with a nice long lean body, a sweet ass for an Asian girl, and some wonderful and well shaped tits too – plus a classic Asian model face with that sort of lusty look at all times. She’s a hotty for sure, certainly worth checking out if you like smoldering hot Asian babes.

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Football Fan Agnes Body Paint Soccer Uniform

asian body paint

This is pretty sexy and more than a little wild. I found hot Asian girl Agnes over at babe site 1 By Day, and it took a moment for me to clue in on what was going on. The girl is very sexy, with a sort of EurAsian look, and she’s wearing the uniform of her favorite soccer team. Wait, let me correct myself… she is painted in the uniform of her favorite football team. That’s right, this is actually an incredibly detailed body paint job, you only notice it when you realize her hard nipples are cracking the paint, and her tasty looking Asian pussy is peeping out with no covering at all! This Asian has got a really sexy ass too, and she isn’t shy to turn around and let us check out her ass and her sexy shaved parts peeping out at us with no paint on them. This is a very sexy set with a very hot Asian girl!

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