Mona Choi Sexy and A Little Naughty

mona choi

Sexy Mona Choi is a girl who not only loves to show off, she loves to put on a show. So this sexy set from 88 Square is all about her sexy body and her very sexy outfit, teasing us with her sexy curves and sultry looks and pretty much driving us wild. Apparently it’s driving her wild too, because soon enough this sexy Asian hotty isn’t just showing off, she’s working on getting off, exposing her very pink parts and getting busy with herself, totally turned on knowing you guys are checking her out!

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Make Dawan Busty Asian Hotty

make dawan 88square

Here’s a hot set featuring busty Asian girl Make Dawan doing some old fashion phone sex stuff. This girl is a real hotty with a pretty darn big pair of tits for an Asian girl, and cute inny nipples too – the type you have to suck out to get them to get hard for you. This girl is sexy and soft and more than a little surprising, especially when she reveals that she is almost entirely shaved down there too – very rare for Asian women. She’s super hot in all directions, and not at all shy to give us a great show and get herself off too!

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Sexy Hotty Erin Law

sexy erin law

88 Square just has so many hot Asian girls, that it’s almost a crime not to mention them on every update. This time out I have a real hotty for you, a sexy girl named Erin Law. This sexy Asian girl has got a killer body, tight and firm and ripe, not too big, not too small… and she isn’t shy to get it all off so that we can check out every inch. You have to love a girl who loves to show off, and you can tell this girl is loving it!

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Sexy Asian Christina Yho

christina yho

Christina Yho sits on a stream and she starts feeling a bit erotic. She is wearing a very conservative bathing suit, but already you can see this girl has a tight, sexy natural body. She loves to tease, but she also loves to please and can’t help herself. She rubs on her body and then takes off her panties. She places her pussy in the dream as she rubs on her tits. The sensation is so overwhelming that she opens her mouth and exhales. She bends down and exposes her tits to the camera. Then, she places a toy ball in between her legs. Christina is so hot that she will keep your attention throughout the entire scene. She is certainly one heck of a sexy babe, and she has a really firm and sexy body!

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Sexy Erin Law Naked Outdoors

erin law 88square

here’s a hot set from 88 Square featuring the stunning natural cutie Erin Law. This girl has that perfect semi-mixed Asian look, it’s hard to tell if she is Chinese, Thai, or what… probably a nice mix of everything. She’s got a stunning hot petite body too, and she isn’t shy to show off in this hot set shot under the sun. She’s very cute and attractive all dressed up, you would certainly check her out twice as she walked by on the street. But as the clothes come off, things get even hotter, as this girl has perfect firm little breasts, a naturally soft haired little pleasure palace, and one heck of a sexy butt for an Asian girl too! She’s been hiding a truly hot body under all those clothes, that is for sure!

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Sexy Fon Manaschanok

con manaschanok

I don’t know too much about Fon Manaschanok, except that she is very sexy and ends up getting very naked. I found her over at 88 Square, and here is what they had to say about her:

Fon makes her presence felt as she sits on a chair with a button up shirt. She has on a hot bra and panties that shows off her amazing body. She begins feeling on herself and exciting her body. She strips off her bra and panties. Next, she exposes her hairy pussy. Fern places her panties in front of the camera as she sits there completely naked. Fon gets on all fours and spreads her ass cheeks wide.

Well, there you go! She is certainly one sexy asian girl.

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Sexy Laurence Li Great Nipples

I am not one to just like parts of a girl, but I have to say that Laurence Li has the type of puffy nipples that I just love to suck on. I found this sexy Thai girl at 88 Square, they have just an amazing collection of hot girls, and Laurence Li has got a hot, natural body and she loves to show off and play. Those nipples are amazing, puffy nipples that are perfect for playing with or sucking on,and they are firm enough to keep her top up all by theselves! Very nice!

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Kwang Pachuwana Has Amazing Hard Nipples

Typically I don’t get too dirty on this blog, after all it’s all about sexy Asian girls, not hardcore gyno shot stuff. But with a rare exception, I have to say that I was absolutely taken by Kwang Pachuwana and her absolutely stunning hard nipples. She’s got the sort of breasts I want to play with all day, and the sort of nipples that you just can’t seem to take your lips off. Nice brown skin, darker nipples, and they are hard and happy pretty much all of the time. Damn, I am lusting for some Asian titties now!

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Sexy Kieko Kyo

Kieko Kyo is a sexy babe actually from Thailand, even though her name is much more Japanese. She is a model, babe, and sometimes nude model that turns up from time to time on 88 Square with hot new sets. She certainly has a great look, a long lean sexy body, tiny asian tits, and a great smile. She loves to tease, and she isn’t shy to get a little naughty and have some fun too!

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Smoking Hot Thai Girl Kwan Galyarut

When I saw these pics of Kwan Galyarut, I knew you guys would love her. While she is from Thailand, her looks are much more Vietnamese or similar, with super nice eyes, wider cheekbones, and just wonderful features and a very sexy smile. Then she takes off her top, and her absolutely immaculate asian tits come out, and well, wow. Her breasts are amazing, firm, ripe, full, capped with nipples almost as big as your thumb and hard as rocks. These are classic sucking nipples, that is for sure. She gets fully nude too and is just as stunning naked as dressed, and truly hot asian girl for us to lust after!

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