Busty Thai Roxie In a Tiny Bikini

roxie busty thai girl

Busty Thai Roxie is back with more new stuff from Club Thai Chix, and she is looking just awesome. This girl a a walking wet dream stunner, with large boobs for an Asian girl, a sexy smooth body, and some truly distracting inny nipples. This set is sort of a hot lingerie / bikini deal, the top doesn’t look so much like a bra as a bikini top for an A cup girl, and the rest of the black lingerie makes this girl look so hot. She isn’t shy to get naked either, and with a sexy Asian body like hers, can you blame her?

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Roxie Sexy Thai Girl With Inny Nipples

Roxie is one of those girls who caught my eye immediately, I just couldn’t stop staring at her. She’s got stunning model quality looks, the perfect hair, the great face, and a very sexy body. I mean, wow, check out her big boobs! Better than that, this sexy girl has inny nipples, or inverted nipples, basically they hide inside rather than popping out. They are really fun to play with though, because part of the challenge with a girl like this is getting her nipples to pop out! Fun, especially when the girl is this hot! Roxie is a truly stunning babe, an Asian I can lust for any day!

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